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why aren't my case fans working

okay, this cpu has been in my keeping for a year and 3 months now. The fans on my Kraken x62 work. If it spools up then, at least we know that the fan header on the motherboard works. Tap Ctrl+F and you will see the fan curve. Do the fans work on their own (plugged in elsewhere?) Sign up for a new account in our community. Every time when you boot your computer, you can hear some noise, which is made by the CPU or case fan. Any help would be appreciated. Initially, the fans spin about half of a rotation before they shut off. Also, if you could tell me if those case fans are essential to my … My case I bought came with 4 built in fan 3-pin connectors to plug 4 fans into, I have plugged 3 of the case fans into these yet they are not spinning whilst the computer is on? which is also aura sync compatible. 1. Try plugging one of the case fans directly into the motherboard. But it still worked for the past 2 years until now. Each fan had a 4 pin power connector coming off it, all i did was get my power supplies 4 pin power connectors and connect them all up. It's an Antec sixhundred case. Cant get into BIOS or Windows, F1 Key wont work, stuck on American Megatrends screen after CMOS reset. this would not be a big deal if my case … $500-$1000 PC for School work/Web browsing. Antec Nine Hundred Gaming Case Formatted HDD, installed Windows, installed drivers, it runs like a dream, except my only problem is that the case fans aren't spinning! Press Esc or F10 and select “save and Exit” press Enter and allow your system to restart then … Hello, my computer is having 2 different problems, one it boots and displays a code saying 9C and all I have to to is restart it to get it fixed, but the more pressing issue is that none of the fans in my case are working other than the cpu fan. Started 2 minutes ago Astitva Sood MyiceGuy, could you please tell us the fan controller you are currently using? Check that out, and also check to make sure power is connected from the PSU. mqres My PC case fan stopped working. they go to a fan controlled which goes to the mobo. The next best thing you can try is seeing if there is a software made specifically for your motherboard to read all fans running off of any power connector. Posted in CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory, By Will this 7 year old PSU work with a new Ryzen 5 build? It's easy! during vacation … Overheating: When your fans aren’t working, you’re going to be experiencing a lot of overheating problems, whether it be with the video card, CPU or other components. I have an ASUS X570-P motherboard that supports RGB but still it wont work! 1700x / 32GB 2667 / GTX 1080 / 1.5 TB of SSDs / 1TB of HDDs, 120hz / 3440x1440 / RGB / Amazonbasics Dual Monitor Arm, 25 inches / 1440p / Portrait / Amazonbasics Dual Monitor Arm, It has worked for the past year and a half without having this problem, I just started noticing this now that the error shows up on my screen, If your gpu is recent, it is probably in zero rpm mode, as for the case fans, I would check the tan curve, but other than that idk. Senzelian My top fan doesn't seem to do better at full speed or lower. If the fans do not work when connected to a working drive connector they are bad. If I plug any of these 3 into the working spots, they spin on startup. it's been a while since i've been here, a hardware problem occurred to me just an hour ago and i really need your help again, you guys have been reliable all these years. Some Apple products have vents that let fans bring in cool air and expel hot air. There may be switches on the case to control the fans. I should note that the blue LED lights around the fan on the side of the case are lighting up. When building my PC after running it the RGB for the fans weren't working. The Tom's Hardware Show returns at 3PM ET on January 11th! PC fans use a very low end switching circuit that has next to … Nigo Posted in General Discussion, By New system : working but suddently not anymore ?? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Posted in Cooling, By 4k 60hz VS 1440p 120 hz 27 inch monitor for xbox series x? If the CPU, GPU, NB, and PSU are all within acceptable range, then no, you didn't need the fan. Exhaust fans go on the rear or the top. iMac has vents along the bottom edge and on the back. ^^^^ That's my post ^^^^ To reinitialize the drivers (Windows 10), you simply need to go to Device Manager then select the dropdown menu for Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Hello guys, I have brand new CH6 motherboard. 1 and 2 are spinning along with the CPU fan. Check the temps for everything else in the case. If there is no GPU fan to control, you can use other apps to control the fans on a Windows 10 system. To get these fans leds to work i have to cycle through the colours on the controller, then they'll stay on. Started 19 minutes ago Enable the “Enable user defined software automatic fan control” option. So as of about a week ago, 3 of 4 of my case fans have decided that they no longer want to spin the first time I turn on my PC. Now, it turns out that your case has the plain RGB type of RGB fans, based on the case website. Posted in Displays, By A friend of mine switched his system to a new case. The story of trying to get my 5800X to run. You can usually get a pretty good idea that your computer is overheating if you experience frequent system shutdowns with no apparent cause. MSI motherboards have a … I've tried to plug the chassis fan … If I plug any of them into the 2 spots that don't work, they don't spin on startup. BIOS "Power" screen: Case configuration: Check that out, and also check to make sure power is connected from the PSU. If those look fine, I think your motherboard might be on a quiet custom fan curve setting so the fans are not getting enough voltage to spin. either one of those could cause the fans not to run. System shutdown: Like we said, a system shutting down randomly is a pretty good indication that you might be facing overheating problems, and thus, issues with your fans. The Smart device has the light on … <-- This is me --- That's your scrollbar --> Then there's either a problem with the controller or its connection to the motherboard. JavaScript is disabled. Im No expert, but are you sure you have a powerful enough PSU? Started 42 minutes ago Just a Random Joe Started 41 minutes ago Apple TV 4K has a fan and a vent at the bottom. Does overclocking ram increase it's CL timings? Started 46 minutes ago King Leo There may be switches on the case to control the fans. 5.1 audio setup through HDMI to TV to Sony Home Theater. Once I turn the computer off and turn it back on a second time all of the fans power correctly and I don't have any issues. As for the case fans, how are they connected? Installed new ram on Christmas, worked for 2.5hours, never got a display again. Which fan header on the motherboard are you using? Experimenting with various fans can be interesting, some low rpm fans can work better than other higher rpm fans for instance. The big fan (On the side of the case) will not spin regardless. Now the system powers up but the fans connected to the motherboard won't work. Also check out our ultimate review on the best budget AIO cooler Cooler Master ML240R . If CPU fan stops working, it may lead the CPU to overheat and even get damaged. psu makes a weird noise and my pc turns on for a sec then turns off and doesnt turn on again. All video cards get at least a 2 year, no hassle warranty, right out of the box based on the purchase date of your reciept/invoice. Linus Media Group is not associated with these services. That is, the RGB cables from the fans have FOUR holes … Started 26 minutes ago HW monitor displays 3 PWM fans running at 0%, but i have 4 fans, 3 intake fans at the front and 1 fan at the back. What is the warranty on my XFX Video Card? I tried second one, it did bricked the fan too. 2. (by community fix i mean somebody in the community that has found a fix for this known issue). Scruffy90 I have one rear, one top and one front 120mm chassis fan in my case. The CPU and system fans are the only ones, however, that are directly attached to the motherboard. vvvv. Turned the computer on after leaving it off all day (in case it was an overheating problem) and no difference. I can’t seem to figure out why my fans aren’t working. With the large fan not working at all, this is causing my … Do not mount exhaust fans on the bottom of the case; since hot air rises, a bottom-firing exhaust fan will be working against physics by expelling slightly cooler air instead of warmer air. Posted in CPUs, Motherboards, and Memory, By Sliders inactive Ya_Mi Powered by Invision Community. Started 4 minutes ago I have a 960, i5 5500, msi z97s sli krait, 16gb ram 4x4, and my case is a phantom 410. Desktop and table fans also have the same fan head shape as the pedestal type, but on a smaller scale for comfortable spacing on a work desk. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Started 52 minutes ago You need to quote a post or tag a member or else they won't get a notification you replied to them. The Intake-exhaust direction should go front-to-back and bottom-to-top. vvvv Who's there? Fresh install Windows 10 not working on SSD, Need assistance making custom arcade buttons map/work as xinput. The reason why I think this testing will apply not only to the 500DX, but many other cases in 2020, is because many brands are choosing the whole front mesh panel and including quality fans. The MSI 960 has a 0 RPM mode, so that's a possibility. Airport Extreme and Airport Time Capsule have fans and vents at the bottom. What are your specs and what are your fans plugged into? You must log in or register to reply here. In United States and Canada, XFX has the strongest warranty in the Video card industry. Fans are still running at … The most common issue when it comes to flickering LED fan lights is a driver issue that can easily be fixed. Symptoms of CPU fan stop working CPU fan is the fan installed on CPU, which is used to cool the CPU preventing it from heating or causing CPU damage. In my BIOS these are fans 3 and 4. Personally, I would replace it anyway, simply because that case doesn't have much intake to begin with and fans aren't that expensive. Everyone will have a different name for their host c… If all of the fans on the motherboard are flickering in a similar fashion, there might be a problem with the motherboard and its software. either one of those could cause the fans not to run. Posted in General Discussion, Linus Media Group Then we would be able to tell if its known to go out and if there is a community fix instead of buying a new one. The 500DX for example comes with three 140mm Pure Wings 2 fans, which spin at 900 RPM. Posted in General Discussion, By I don't know why, so watch me change it. Noise is also a factor after all. Motibana My cpu fan is working fine, and also the RGB on my case fans switch on. I'm also using 120mm CPU Fan over my ContacSilent12 cpu cooler. I just bought about 5 fans and mounted them in my case. A pedestal fan is a traditionally designed fan head. It didn't work, it bricked the fan. Any suggestions on what I should do to fix it? They each are supposed to glow a bright green insted about 3 of the 5 started blinking. Started 19 minutes ago If it's plugged in to the PSU, and if there are switches and no position on the switches make a difference, the part you're plugging the fans into could be bad. 2. A thin, vertical support extends from the base. If you ever need help with a build, read the following before posting:, make sure to quote a post or tag a member when replying or else they won't get a notification that you replied to them. Which is quite a problem for a gamer like me! Posted in General Discussion, By Straight to the motherboard, to the PSU or are you using a Molex or a fan controller to power them? When I bought my case, it came with 2 built in fans. What fan controller and fans? Like what machinehead933 suggested, check if the fan headers are plugged into the motherboard correctly. Tonyenkiducx The other 3x120mm are just case fans and I have this plugged into a fan header on my motherboard. Page 1 of 2 - case fan LED lights wont turn on anymore - posted in Hardware, Components and Peripherals: hello geeks to go! By They we’re already all plugged into the smart device when I bought it new but they aren’t being detected on the CAM software and I can’t figure out why they aren’t spinning. The problem is that sometimes these fans can get too loud. The three fans i have running in my case dont work and the 3 fans on my GPU dont work. All microphone jacks suddenly not working, no input from microphone. I figured the fans were dusty, so I cleaned them out with compressed air, vacuumed the room to minimise dust. There are two fan's inside my Computer, and the large one is not working, but the small fan is. I have looked at the manual for both the motherboard and the case, cleaned both fans, and checked the wiring, and cannot figure out why these aren't running. Hello, my computer is having 2 different problems, one it boots and displays a code saying 9C and all I have to to is restart it to get it fixed, but the more pressing issue is that none of the fans in my case are working other than the cpu fan. In case you are using an ASRock Motherboard an you are facing issues with RGB lightning sync then be sure to check our separate trouble shooting tutorial on ASRock Polychrome RGB not working. Maybe because that fan is non-pwm and 3-pin. If anything I would expect the fan controller to be dead, (PS i an a total noob at the moment so i wouldn't take my own advise). But I've set the switch to full speed. What case do you have? Posted in PC Gaming, By I tried to change CPU Cooler's fan with SP120 RGB fan. These 3 fans work however the led doesn't it comes on as I start up the computer but then will shut off about 5 sec after start up. It is difficult to focus on your work when the constant whirring of these fans is making your device sound like an … Posted in Power Supplies, By As for fans, I agree on dead controller if it has worked before. The sidepanel fan is 1200 rpm silent type so full speed. Make sure that the vents aren't blocked to allow your device to perform at its best. 400, 500, and 5000 series cards with dual fans carry a 3 year warranty. My Computer Fan is not working. If you ever need help with a build, read the following before posting:, Recently i decided to buy a AVerMedia Live Gamer Mini Capture card for my toaster. Go to the Fans tab (if the Fans tab is absent, the app cannot detect your GPU fan). The support attaches to a large, circular fan head enclosed within two connected grates. The laptop itself sits on a logitech lapdesk cooling fan. There are only 4 pin connectors on my motherboard that are labeled CHA_FAN1. But I don't know where to plug the 3 pin connectors. 9C means "USB detected", so its not error of any kind. Started 20 minutes ago

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