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NeuFit is more fun with friends. Please feel free to invite your friends! Use the link below. The more friends you invite, the better your chances!


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Learn More About NeuFit

Play NeuFit and Get Fit!

Having fun will help you stay active (bet you don’t hear that often!)

Getting started is a breeze. We’ll walk you through creating an account, how to play, and get you started with your first NeuFit Quest (Quests allow you to challenge yourself, compete against your friends, and cheer on your teammates). The more active you are, the faster you will level up and get rewards. Stay active and earn a place amongst the top NeuFit players  (Talk about bragging rights!)

Park farther from the store and earn in-game rewards!

The goal of NeuFit is to outfit yourself with the best in-game loot in town. By completing Quests, you’ll earn experience points and loot. Every exercise or activity you do (in real life) earns you rewards. The harder you work, the more you earn.

Join your friends and get fit together! Encourage, Challenge and Win!

Invite your friends and work together to earn even more rewards. Challenge your friends to see who can complete Quests and Levels the fastest.  Encourage each other and unlock rare items.

Playing NeuFit will help you stay active

Playing and having fun with your friends will keep your eye on the prize. Your friends will encourage you and keep you motivated. And, you can help cheer them on to their goals too! Sound good? Sign up and we’ll notify you when we launch! Already have an invite? Head over to