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An Important Note from NeuFit

NeuFit Players,

When we launched NeuFit, we were driven with the passion of creating an entertaining and addictive way to get healthier. During the time we’ve been in our beta you have accomplished some amazing things:

-Quests Completed – 37,449
-Levels Gained – 46,308
-Calories Burned – 2,185,184,633
-Miles Traveled – 3,915,921
-Loot Earned – 68,038
-Steps Taken – 8,241,950,465
-Floors Climbed – 10,212,680

NeuFit has had players from all over the world, including U.S., Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. You also love your devices, like WiFi scales, RunKeeper, MapMy Fitness, Foursquare, and in particular, the Fitbit products!

You’ve also enjoyed checking into a lot of healthy places! By far the most popular places have encouraged behaviors that we were excited to see! Those places include the gym, grocery stores, and parks!

The (very) small team at NeuFit has watched what you have accomplished with a huge sense of pride and satisfaction. We set out to encourage these healthy behaviors and created NeuFit as a platform to tie it all together.

As you may recall, NeuFit has always been in an invite only, private beta developed by a small team. A team, who believes in the idea that addictive, game-based entertainment will get people to make healthy lifestyle changes. It has been a very exciting ride. Today, we’re announcing that NeuFit, in it’s current private beta incarnation, will be unavailable as of August 1st.

What’s next for NeuFit? We’re going to pour over all the lessons and results we’ve learned from the beta and determine where NeuFit should go. This may be a re-launched public version of NeuFit with a new design, or a mobile application, or something we haven’t even considered yet. We know many of you may be disappointed in no longer being able to access this beta. There simply aren’t words to express our gratitude to our NeuFit Players. Without your excitement, energy, and enthusiasm, NeuFit would never had been the site it is.

Stay active, stay healthy.

—The NeuFit Team


PS. The data you’ve collected with your many devices will remain unaffected by our shutdown. If you have a desire for any of your NeuFit data such as wall posts, pictures, etc please email with your account details and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

NeuFit Updates – 1/31

It’s a New Year and we’re kicking it off with another round of updates to NeuFit. We have a ton of exciting stuff planned for this year, but here’s what we’ve been working on since our last round of updates.


  • You can now see the XP earned by posting photos via NeuFit & Instagram
  • You can now see the XP earned when you check-in to a place. If it’s a location that provides an XP bonus you’ll see it too. We know that some locations are marked as “unhealthy” but you can make up the XP bonus by taking a picture of your food and posting it via NeuFit or Instagram
  • NeuFit will now pull in your Floors from a supported Fitbit and display it under Today’s activity
  • We now have Quests that support Floors Climbed!
  • On your profile, you can now see what friends you have sent NeuFit invitations to and resend them if you want to bug em some more!
  • You can now earn loot that gives you additional XP when you climb stairs
  • XP gains have been tweaked to give you loot bonuses proportional to your player level
  • Hitting a 2x,3x,5x in your activity meter will now reward you with more XP
  • Quests will now reward you additional XP based on your activity level meter hitting a 2x,3x or 5x
  • Group leaders for Quests can now add members prior to starting the quest

Squashed Bugs

  • Some MapMyFitness activities had a timing issue where an activity completed in the AM then in the PM was not being reflected properly in NeuFit
  • Super long chat messages were not being sent to the person you were chatting with
  • Do not pull in Fitbit data from MapMyFitness if linked there
  • Instagram photos should be more reliable by processing them in the background. This might take a minute or two longer for them to show up
  • Calories burnt was renamed to Calories Burned site wide
  • Quest ranking was not accurate. This has been tweaked for new quests going forward
  • A few buff stats were missing from the Loot page when showing your bonuses
  • The distance traveled popup notification will stay on the page for 5 additional seconds
  • The location prompt to customize your quest location was reworked to be a little more informative

NeuFit Updates – 11/20

We’ve been hiding in our rabbit holes for the last month in order to bring you new bug fixes and enhancements to NeuFit. Here’s what’s new over the last month; We also sent out another round of invites, so check your inbox!


  • When logging a manual activity, the save button will give you an indication of processing. It was too easy to accidentally create a 2nd manual activity.
  • Group leaders can now remove a player from a group quest. (SLACKERS!)
  • Applying Fitbit activity to quests is now much faster
  • Some of you were not having your Foursquare check-ins show in NeuFit. This was due to the Foursquare API being down. We will now queue up these check-ins and retry in the event we cannot access Foursquare
  • When applying check-ins to quests, you can now choose the check-in requirement to apply it to.
  • Weight loss for quests now use the same “bucket” mechanism when applying to quests. Quests will only take the amount they need
  • Map My Fitness was not correctly mapping activity types to NeuFit

Squashed Bugs

  • Calories and Distance were not showing correctly for Yesterday’s Activity
  • Foursquare was not importing check-ins when the category was sent from Foursquare
  • The activity you were applying to the quest was not disappearing after clicking “Apply Activity”
  • Lots of wall posts were not being sent via email to players
  • Importing your RunKeeper activities was taking too long
  • Fitbit data is now imported much faster after we’ve received a notification to grab data
  • Some players were unable to retrieve activities for quests
  • Various typos across NeuFit
  • Raid / Coop quests were rewarding a crazy amount of XP
  • Fitbit was showing as needing to be linked to NeuFit after linking the Aria (and visa versa)

NeuFit Updates – 10/29

We haven’t gone into hibernation yet! We just launched another round of features and fixes for NeuFit. Loot got a little lovin’ with some new features. To celebrate this occasion, we released another round on invites, so check your inbox!


  • Delete loot by hovering over an item in your inventory and clicking the little gray trash can
  • Gift loot to other players by hovering over an item in your inventory and clicking the share item button
  •  High-Fiving a post will send the owner an email. You can manage this in your privacy and notifications section under the gear icon
  • You can now use images uploaded to NeuFit, from Check-Ins and RunKeeper to apply to your quests! No longer is it Instagram only!

Squashed Bugs

  • Withings Wi-Fi Scale was not updating players weight
  • Some players had the same friend listed multiple times. Fixed bug causing this issue and manually removed duplicate friendships
  • Quests that had a lot of group members invites was overlapping with the quest details
  • RunKeeper / MMF was not properly rewarding XP for those activities
  • Manually Updated weight loss was not being reflected for a player and their quests
  • Foursquare check-ins were not displaying their appropriate category when applying it to a quest
  • Automated emails were using the wrong players profile picture (was using the person who was being emailed, not the person who was emailing)
  • Group members picture was not being scaled correctly on the Quest screen
  • Chat was not working for Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Confirm/Deny friendship buttons were not aligned properly in Firefox
  • Various elements were missing the pointer icon to indicate they were clickable

Quests & Eligible Activity

We wanted to dig ourselves out of our rabbit hole to get a little fresh air and let you know how Quests find your eligible activities. A lot of this has been covered, but we figured it would be helpful to provide a little more information about how we intend this to work.

Applying Activities

For any given Quest, your eligible activities are based on the date/time you started the Quest.

When applying an activity to a Quest that was recorded with RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, or manual activities, you’ll see a record for each of those activities. When you actually apply the activity, the Quest will take only what it needs to complete the task. For example, if you have 5 miles to go and a 10 mile RunKeeper activity, the quest will use the 5 miles and leave the remaining 5 to apply to other Quests that were started prior to that RunKeeper activity.

Using Your Fitbit

Fitbit is treated a little differently than the other activity types. Instead of showing individual records, we group all your Fitbit data into a single record to apply to Quests. Like the other devices, the Quest will only take what it needs to complete a Quest task.

 Manual Activities & Your Fitbit

You can create a manual activity using the details collected from your Fitbit. Click the “Log Activity” button, choose the type of activity you’d like to log, enter a start time & duration, then click the “Calculate Calories & Distance Using My Fitbit.” NeuFit will go out to Fitbit and grab your synced activity with the date and duration you entered. Once you save that activity, that activity will show up as an eligible activity to apply to your Quests (still based on when the Quest was started).

Since this activity was recorded using your Fitbit Data, we’ll then subtract the calories and distance out of the Fitbit activity mentioned above. For example, if you walk 10 miles in a given day, then create a manual activity using your Fitbit data that is 2 miles, you should see a 8 mile activity using your fitbit data, and a 2 mile manual activity to apply to your Quest.

After Applying

After you’ve applied an activity or part of an activity, that activity will no longer be available to other Quests.

Help Me!

As you know, we’re still very early into our beta, so don’t forget about the “Help Me” button on the left of all pages. If you have questions about your specific activity, just shoot us a request using your friendly neighborhood help me button!


NeuFit Updates – 10/18

We’ve been busy bunnies in the last week! Our loyal players have done a great job at helping us prioritize bugs and features and we have some good stuff for you today! We wanted to give you an update of some bugs we’ve fixed and enhancements we’ve added. Also, we’d like to take this time to address how your activity is used for Quests.

PS – More invites are coming tomorrow. Keep an eye on your inbox!


Starting with this latest release, we’ve made it even easier and more intuitive to apply all your activities to Quests. In addition, we’ve made Fitbit, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, and manually entered activities behave the same. We no longer take all the miles you’ve earned when you apply activity that is not related to Fitbit. Here’s some stuff to remember when working on Quests

  • All eligible activities are based on when you started the Quest.
  • If you are working on a Quest where the activity you’re applying will complete the Quest task, the remainder of that activity will be  available so you can complete other Quests! Let’s say you did a 20 mile bike ride and have a Quest that only needs 5 miles. You can apply just the 5 miles the Quest needs and use the remanining 15 for another Quest.
  • In the past, you had to decide to use an eligible activity for a distance based task, or for a calories based task. We now separate calories and distance from your activity. For example, lets say you did a 10 mile hike and burned 500 calories, you can now apply those 10 miles to one Quest, and the 500 calories to another.


  • We’re big fans of Superman, and want NeuFit to be faster than a speeding bullet. We’ve made changes to “Yesterday’s Leaders” to calculate and display much faster. This should speed up things in general. We’ll be looking out for other speed bumps and optimizing things.
  • Ineligible Quest Filter – We’re making finding Quests easier, and our first enhancement is a checkbox to filter out Quests you’re ineligible for. Don’t forget to check out your ineligible Quests from time to time. It might be as simple as signing up for a new device or application!
  • Weight related Quests no longer need a Wi-Fi scale. You can start those Quests and update your weight in your account settings   if you do not have a scale.
  • Check-ins are available to your foursquare based Quests, even if the category doesn’t match exactly  No cheating 🙂

Squashed Bugs

  • Certain buffs were missing from your list of buffs on your Loot screen
  • Time Zone selection was not being saved when accepting your invite
  • A bunch of various typos were fixed (thanks everyone!)
  • Firefox was not linking a Withings scale properly
  • A bunch of various rounding issues for displaying miles and Quest progress
  • When removing your profile picture, the site was displaying an error after removing it

Neufit Updates – 10/11/12

We couldn’t resist updating NeuFit with a ton of great fixes and enhancements on 10/11/12. In addition to a bunch of minor cosmetic changes to NeuFit, we’ve pushed a number of things that our brave beta users have helped us identify. We’re very grateful to our early adopters and are overwhelmed with the positive response we’ve received. For all you Fitbit fans, there are some major enhancements to how your Fitbit works with quests.

If you’re still waiting for your invite, keep an eye on your inbox because more are coming soon!


  • Fitbit and Quests – We’re now supporting Fitbit in a much more friendly way. No more waiting forever to display your activities for a quest! For quests with a “walking” requirement, you can apply just the amount of distance you need using your Fitbit. We will no longer take the entire “bucket” of activity. If you only need 3 miles for a quest, we will just subtract that instead of subtracting everything.
  • Fitbit and non-walking activities – Want to use your Fitbit to log your non-walking activities? Cool! Just use the “Log Activity” button on the top of every page. Enter your activity type, the date and time you did it, and how long you did the activity and click “Calculate Calories & Distance with my Fitbit” we will automatically pull in your distance and calories burned. You can now use that activity you just logged to fulfill quests. 
  • When surrendering a quest, you will now have to confirm that you want to do so. Personally, I accidentally surrendered a 10 pound weight loss quest and was so angry!
  • Instagram tags no longer need to be lowercase
  • Yesterday’s activity now defaults to friends only

Squashed Bugs

  • Text boxes for comments were resizing when you clicked the popup to display who high-fived a post
  • Quest progress percentage on your progress bars are now rounded nicely  Apparently showing a percentage of 24.1944444444 was too precise for some :p
  • Cosmetic issues when loading a real-time post or more posts where the players profile picture was not scaled correctly
  • Some players were receiving our “sad turtle” page when looking for friends
  • Some posts appeared to be doubled for players, which also included double emails
  • Friends Online / Chat was showing negative numbers
  • Friends count on home page was incorrect

More Invites!

We’re thrilled with your response and feedback for NeuFit! We sent out another round of invites this morning! Check your email!

Beta invites & Updates!

We’re sending out another round of beta invites today! Keep an eye out on your inbox. We’ll also be using this space to post major updates and fixes that we roll out on NeuFit. A big thanks to one of our beta users, Tim Heap, for helping us nail some bugs that are a bit hard to find, especially when dealing with timezones!