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An Important Note from NeuFit

NeuFit Players, When we launched NeuFit, we were driven with the passion of creating an entertaining and addictive way to get healthier. During the time we’ve been in our beta you have accomplished some amazing things: -Quests Completed – 37,449…

NeuFit Updates – 1/31

It’s a New Year and we’re kicking it off with another round of updates to NeuFit. We have a ton of exciting stuff planned for this year, but here’s what we’ve been working on since our last round of updates….

NeuFit Updates – 11/20

We’ve been hiding in our rabbit holes for the last month in order to bring you new bug fixes and enhancements to NeuFit. Here’s what’s new over the last month; We also sent out another round of invites, so check…

NeuFit Updates – 10/29

We haven’t gone into hibernation yet! We just launched another round of features and fixes for NeuFit. Loot got a little lovin’ with some new features. To celebrate this occasion, we released another round on invites, so check your inbox! Enhancements Delete loot by…

Quests & Eligible Activity

We wanted to dig ourselves out of our rabbit hole to get a little fresh air and let you know how Quests find your eligible activities. A lot of this has been covered, but we figured it would be helpful…

NeuFit Updates – 10/18

We’ve been busy bunnies in the last week! Our loyal players have done a great job at helping us prioritize bugs and features and we have some good stuff for you today! We wanted to give you an update of some bugs…

Neufit Updates – 10/11/12

We couldn’t resist updating NeuFit with a ton of great fixes and enhancements on 10/11/12. In addition to a bunch of minor cosmetic changes to NeuFit, we’ve pushed a number of things that our brave beta users have helped us…

More Invites!

We’re thrilled with your response and feedback for NeuFit! We sent out another round of invites this morning! nlvgrcls.com Check your email!


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