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Neufit Updates – 10/11/12

We couldn’t resist updating NeuFit with a ton of great fixes and enhancements on 10/11/12. In addition to a bunch of minor cosmetic changes to NeuFit, we’ve pushed a number of things that our brave beta users have helped us identify. We’re very grateful to our early adopters and are overwhelmed with the positive response we’ve received. For all you Fitbit fans, there are some major enhancements to how your Fitbit works with quests.

If you’re still waiting for your invite, keep an eye on your inbox because more are coming soon!


  • Fitbit and Quests – We’re now supporting Fitbit in a much more friendly way. No more waiting forever to display your activities for a quest! For quests with a “walking” requirement, you can apply just the amount of distance you need using your Fitbit. We will no longer take the entire “bucket” of activity. If you only need 3 miles for a quest, we will just subtract that instead of subtracting everything.
  • Fitbit and non-walking activities – Want to use your Fitbit to log your non-walking activities? Cool! Just use the “Log Activity” button on the top of every page. Enter your activity type, the date and time you did it, and how long you did the activity and click “Calculate Calories & Distance with my Fitbit” we will automatically pull in your distance and calories burned. You can now use that activity you just logged to fulfill quests. 
  • When surrendering a quest, you will now have to confirm that you want to do so. Personally, I accidentally surrendered a 10 pound weight loss quest and was so angry!
  • Instagram tags no longer need to be lowercase
  • Yesterday’s activity now defaults to friends only

Squashed Bugs

  • Text boxes for comments were resizing when you clicked the popup to display who high-fived a post
  • Quest progress percentage on your progress bars are now rounded nicely  Apparently showing a percentage of 24.1944444444 was too precise for some :p
  • Cosmetic issues when loading a real-time post or more posts where the players profile picture was not scaled correctly
  • Some players were receiving our “sad turtle” page when looking for friends
  • Some posts appeared to be doubled for players, which also included double emails
  • Friends Online / Chat was showing negative numbers
  • Friends count on home page was incorrect


  1. Awesome!! Thank you for all your hard work!!!!