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NeuFit Updates – 10/29

We haven’t gone into hibernation yet! We just launched another round of features and fixes for NeuFit. Loot got a little lovin’ with some new features. To celebrate this occasion, we released another round on invites, so check your inbox!


  • Delete loot by hovering over an item in your inventory and clicking the little gray trash can
  • Gift loot to other players by hovering over an item in your inventory and clicking the share item button
  •  High-Fiving a post will send the owner an email. You can manage this in your privacy and notifications section under the gear icon
  • You can now use images uploaded to NeuFit, from Check-Ins and RunKeeper to apply to your quests! No longer is it Instagram only!

Squashed Bugs

  • Withings Wi-Fi Scale was not updating players weight
  • Some players had the same friend listed multiple times. Fixed bug causing this issue and manually removed duplicate friendships
  • Quests that had a lot of group members invites was overlapping with the quest details
  • RunKeeper / MMF was not properly rewarding XP for those activities
  • Manually Updated weight loss was not being reflected for a player and their quests
  • Foursquare check-ins were not displaying their appropriate category when applying it to a quest
  • Automated emails were using the wrong players profile picture (was using the person who was being emailed, not the person who was emailing)
  • Group members picture was not being scaled correctly on the Quest screen
  • Chat was not working for Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Confirm/Deny friendship buttons were not aligned properly in Firefox
  • Various elements were missing the pointer icon to indicate they were clickable



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