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NeuFit Updates – 1/31

It’s a New Year and we’re kicking it off with another round of updates to NeuFit. We have a ton of exciting stuff planned for this year, but here’s what we’ve been working on since our last round of updates.


  • You can now see the XP earned by posting photos via NeuFit & Instagram
  • You can now see the XP earned when you check-in to a place. If it’s a location that provides an XP bonus you’ll see it too. We know that some locations are marked as “unhealthy” but you can make up the XP bonus by taking a picture of your food and posting it via NeuFit or Instagram
  • NeuFit will now pull in your Floors from a supported Fitbit and display it under Today’s activity
  • We now have Quests that support Floors Climbed!
  • On your profile, you can now see what friends you have sent NeuFit invitations to and resend them if you want to bug em some more!
  • You can now earn loot that gives you additional XP when you climb stairs
  • XP gains have been tweaked to give you loot bonuses¬†proportional¬†to your player level
  • Hitting a 2x,3x,5x in your activity meter will now reward you with more XP
  • Quests will now reward you additional XP based on your activity level meter hitting a 2x,3x or 5x
  • Group leaders for Quests can now add members prior to starting the quest

Squashed Bugs

  • Some MapMyFitness activities had a timing issue where an activity completed in the AM then in the PM was not being reflected properly in NeuFit
  • Super long chat messages were not being sent to the person you were chatting with
  • Do not pull in Fitbit data from MapMyFitness if linked there
  • Instagram photos should be more reliable by processing them in the background. This might take a minute or two longer for them to show up
  • Calories burnt was renamed to Calories Burned site wide
  • Quest ranking was not accurate. This has been tweaked for new quests going forward
  • A few buff stats were missing from the Loot page when showing your bonuses
  • The distance traveled popup notification will stay on the page for 5 additional seconds
  • The location prompt to customize your quest location was reworked to be a little more informative


  1. When do you expect to go live? This is a great motivator!

  2. I would like to see My Fitness Pal become a connected application. Is this possible? Fitbit only logs steps or stairs. It doesn’t log eliptical or cycling. So we have to log them in manually. This does not let us accumulate points towards real-world rewards.

  3. When will there be another update?!?! I would like Endomondo and MyFitnessPal integration, would make life so much simpler, wouldn’t have to manually add my rides in, or my food

  4. Can not log on to the site. I’ve been a member but for the past few months I get the rabbit and Oh snap something is wrong. How do I get back on??

  5. Where are your locations